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How to manage periods?

Now that you know the how's and what's of puberty and periods, what to expect during periods, we are sure you are interested in knowing how to manage periods. Go ahead watch the video for a comprehensive do's and don’ts during periods. Have a comfortable period.

DO's and don’ts during periods

5 things to do during Periods

Every girl should follow some basic hygiene and personal care measures during periods.

1. Take a warm bath – It aids in the removal of body odour and it's so rejuvenating. And yeah you can wash your hair
2. Move around and do light exercises – Builds strength and endures, keeps stress and anxiety at bay
3. Use a hot water bottle if required to alleviate discomfort from cramps
4. Eat iron-rich whole foods because your body loses blood
5. Wash your hands before and after changing sanitary pads

Also, don’t forget Dark Chocolate! Yes, you read it right. It elevates your mood

Things to AVOID during Periods

1. Eating salty foods, drinking carbonated drinks
2. Not drinking enough water and forcibly avoiding urination can cause infection and excessive bleeding
3. Repeated use of cloth and drying it hidden under another cloth

Sanitary napkins are important during this time as well. Learn more about sanitary napkin and its uses.

As a young girl who has just started with her periods, it can certainly be a stressful time. This guide from STAYFREE® is meant to walk you through these days and how best to manage periods.

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