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What Are Panty Liners?

Sanitary pads are a blessing for women around the world! Taking care of periods every month for almost a week is no easy task, and sanitary napkins, along with other aids such as tampons and menstrual cups have certainly made those menstrual cycles much more manageable. However, what about the days before periods, when you’re faced with spotting and white discharge? Sanitary pads aren’t the best solution to deal with these, and hence it’s panty liners that come to your rescue!

Liners (also known as panty liners) are like a spare pair of panties that can be changed any time of the day. Liners for periods are meant to be used in between periods to absorb discharge that’s naturally released from the vagina, to leave you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. They also serve as a “backup” in your panty until you’re completely comfortable using a tampon all by itself.

How to use a panty liner?

Using a panty liner is as simple as using a pad: you just need to remove the paper on the backside of the liner and place it on your panty. Before disposing the liner in a dustbin, roll it in paper and please remember not to dispose the liner in the toilet or flush it, as it may clog.

Also, just like a sanitary pad, you may want to change your panty liner every 4 hours to feel fresh and comfortable.

STAYFREE® sanitary pads have been designed to provide a woman with maximum comfort and ease during those 3-7 days of menstruation. Panty liners are also meant to aid in this process. So, the next time that white discharge or spotting make your days dull and gloomy, get a few panty liners and use them to sail through your days feeling active and energetic!

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