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What Is A Sanitary Napkin And How Do I Use It?

It’s a strange term, but a “sanitary napkin” or “sanitary pad” just means an absorbent pad that you wear on your panties during your period in order to absorb menstrual blood. Depending on your menstrual flow and preference, choose a pad of appropriate thickness, length and absorbency.

Using a sanitary napkin is easy. Here are the steps you need to know:

  • Remove the paper on the backside of the pad and place it on your panty
  • Remove release paper from wings. Wrap wings around both sides of panty and press firmly
  • Before disposing the pad in dustbin, roll it in paper
  • Don’t dispose of the pad in toilet because it may clog

Remember, for your comfort and to avoid odour the only thing you need to do is change your pad every few hours.



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