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What Is Vaginal Douching?

No, vaginal douching does not mean washing your vaginal area during a regular bath, as you might have thought! It’s a little more than that. So let’s try to understand what is vaginal douching, shall we?

The word “douche” is French for “wash” or “soak”. Thus, vaginal douching means washing the vaginal area, but with more than just regular water. It also includes materials such as vinegar, baking soda and iodine. These solutions are available in packaged form at your nearest pharmaceutical store or supermarket. Using these products usually involves squirting water or other solutions inside the vaginal canal. This practice is normally followed by women to feel fresh and get rid of bad odour in the vagina. In addition, it is commonly used after periods to clean menstrual blood, or even to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and prevent the possibility of pregnancy after intercourse.

In spite of the commonly perceived uses and benefits of vaginal douching, it is not a recommended practice by doctors and health experts. In fact, medical professionals question these benefits of vaginal douching that women speak of! According to most doctors, vaginal douching does more harm than good. To begin with, it can cause the normal chemical balance in the vagina to shift, leading to bacterial vaginal infections. It can also be the cause of certain pelvic inflammatory diseases, and put you at a higher risk of cervical cancer. A frequent douching routine can also translate into difficulty getting pregnant and increased complications during pregnancy.

With such a long list of significantly harmful effects of vaginal douching, a major population of doctors and healthcare professionals strongly disapprove of the practice. We at STAYFREE® consider it our responsibility to shed light on the pros and cons of any such practices that may be harming your health without your knowledge! So, read up thoroughly about the products and methods you use to clean your vaginal area, and be aware of any harmful effects that they may have!

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