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Every year, 15 million young girls in India experience their first period. Most of them experience this journey alone without any information on what they are going through. This is the beginning of associating periods with something negative and they carry this taboo through their lives.

The question we asked was why is it that committed parents became distant & indifferent only when it came to menstruation. That’s when we realized that culture had taught families that menstruation was a ‘women’s problem’ and only women needed to ‘deal’ with it.

WE NEED TO FLIP THE NARRATIVE - We needed to turn parents into empathetic allies when their daughters have their first periods – not just for now but forever.

Stayfree had to revisit how young girls were experiencing their first period & everything that came with it – the shame, the hiding and the emotional pain. If families didn’t step up, girls were going to find themselves isolated within their own homes – coping with menstruation and its anxieties in silence. We had identified the gap and now we needed to find a way to bridge it. This was the beginning of our “Its Just a Period” campaign that was launched on World Menstrual Hygiene day 2020 to drive home the point that the onus of normalising the first period experience lies with members of the family. During Daughters’ Day 2020, we partnered with Menstrupedia, a leading menstrual education portal to conduct sessions with parents to give them tools and confidence to normalize periods at home. With Stayfree Periodshala, we want to ensure girls and the ecosystem around the girl is period ready – that begins at the grassroot level of disseminating menstrual education at all levels. For when the society is period ready, the girls become period ready..

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